mardi 9 octobre 2018

We Talk About Skincare And Hydrafacial

By Margaret Foster

Take care of your skin, buddy. Everyone is covered with it so it is our duty to at least make sure that we come out alright after a fight. That is neither here nor there but when you fight, your skin is the first thing that gets damaged, right? It would do you good to take better care of it than just let it be after a good hour of rough housing. Why did you get into a fight anyway? Even if you are not a very violent person, you can bet you butt that your body will still take some damage. So go look up Hydrafacial Plano.

Jungkook had dreams. Like any other boys his age. He achieved these dreams too, with the hard work he put into and all the sacrifices he made to get it.He became someone known with his music. And his dancing. With his hyungs, he became SOMEBODY. He just was not a fatherless kid in a world full of monstrous talents anymore.

By the window, the ONLY window in the gym, he heard a whimper.He turned to its direction and felt his heart get wrenched out.Hoseok was having another nightmare again. He shifted uneasily and wished he could go over to his hyung but he cannot leave Jimin hyungs side. Beside Hoseok hyung, Jin hyung started awake.

He stared at Hoseok hyung in confusion before a grim expression settled on his features. He glanced up at Jungkook. They stared at each other for a moment.His eldest hyung used to be so sweet and funny. He used to crack these lame ass yet hilarious jokes all the time and had dedicated his time into taking care of the rest of them in his mother henning ways.

Now he does it with a heavy weight of responsibility on him.He never smiles anymore. He became the quiet one where areas Yoongi hyung took his place.Jin turned away and whispered reassurances to Hoseok. Moments later the whimpering ceased, replaced by soft whispers.Jungkook turned away, angry and sad.

He looked back down at Jimin and blankly pushed his orange hair out of his face.He hated everything.He was woken by yelling. Jungkook. Wake up. We need to go, NOW. It took a few seconds for the youngest to register what the hell was happening. Just seconds. He was too used to emergencies like this since it kept happening to them in the last two years.

He shot up immediately and followed Jimins panicked line of sight. He then felt like a frog was sitting in his throat.All of his hyungs, save for Jimin who woke him up, were at the gym entrance desperately trying to block it. Growls and hisses could be heard on the other side.

He smiled softly and sadly. He wished he could be as useful and helpful as Jimin. But all he can do is be the muscle in the group in this time of crisis.He looked around the dilapidated gym.

We wondered if there any skin damaged ever involved in this story. Seems like it is not even finished yet since it is still categorized as ongoing. Will we ever find the continuation?

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