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Tips For Choosing A Facility That Offers Dog Boarding Denver CO

By Amanda Cole

A dog is a member of the family and it deserves to be treated well. If a pet owner decides to leave it behind while going for a vacation, there should be a good arrangement to ensure its safety. Pet owners can take their dogs to a facility that provides dog boarding services. When considering dog boarding Denver CO dog owners should do several things so that they can find the facility that will provide a favorable environment for the dog.

It is advisable to visit several boarding facilities before settling for a certain facility. Consider the level of safety and cleanliness in the boarding facility. You should ask the staff all the questions you have. This way, you will know if you are leaving your pet in good hands. If the staff members rush you through the facility tour and do not answer your questions to your satisfaction, look for another facility.

It is also advisable for dog owners to find out if the staff members of a given facility are properly trained. Good pet boarding facilities hire well trained staff members. Employees who have great knowledge about pets can handle most problems or health challenges that are experienced by pets.

It is also wise for pet owners to consider whether there is a veterinarian on call. A reputable dog boarding facility works with local veterinarians. With the help of these veterinarians, pet boarding facilities are able to handle medical emergencies that may arise. Good facilities have properly established procedures to deal with emergencies whenever they occur.

When pets are in a new environment, they can get stressed. Dog owners should ask if a dog boarding facility has a stress management plan. Stress lowers immunity in pets. This is not a good thing, particularly when dogs are staying in the same facility with other dogs. The common ways to assist dogs to cope with stress include regular walks and the use of pheromone collars.

You should also ask a relative or friend to be an emergency contact for your pet. Finding someone to play this role is not simple, but it is crucial to find a person who can make vital decisions about your pet during emergencies. You should contact the staff of the facility occasionally to know how your pet is fairing.

As they take their pet to a boarding facility, pet owners should bring with them a suitcase containing items that their pet will require. Some of the items that can place in the suitcase are a toy that the pet loves, clothing that smell like the owner and comfortable bedding. They should then explain the use of every item to the management.

When in a new environment, dogs should not change their diet. A hasty diet change can make dogs to suffer from an upset stomach or diarrhea. It is therefore advisable to supply the facility you choose with food for your dog to ensure that it will have a comfortable stay. It is also crucial to find out how the facility stores pet food. Good facilities use a certain system to organize and distribute the pet food.

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