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Key Reasons Leading To Florida Building Collapse

By Linda Wilson

There is a huge problem when a structure comes down both to the owners and occupants where some have extended to the point of loss of life. While some are caused by the action of human beings who might have a relationship with the building, others are just natural things, and both lead to such a scenario of structures crumbling. This discussion tries to look into the factors that have triggered Florida building collapse in the past as this is a thing that requires a lot of attention.

One of the key reasons behind this collapsing is the fact that the making of foundations is not up to the required standards. There has been recent concern over this, and the reason behind it is the rush to reduce on costs. It leads to setting up a building that is in no position to be held by the used foundation strength and hence collapsing.

Using those materials that are way too weak. There has always been an emphasis on the kind of materials that are used in construction. Especially when they are going high or handling bulky items, there needs to be a high quality of materials. Remember that the qualities of materials are the reciprocal of the building that is going to be made in the end.

It has also been attributed to the failure by construction companies to follow the set directions. Whenever the original plan is not followed, a likelihood of getting work that is very poor in quality and ends up making the results default. This mostly happens when one is in a hurry to complete work and aspects such as drying are not well catered for by the contractor.

There are some incidences where the materials used to make the buildings are okay, but the load becomes too heavy leading to a collapse. This is a problem that can be pointed to be on the side of an owner and the users. If the materials being used are not sufficient to handle a certain weight, the result is always collapsing. For this reason, there needs to be measures taken to avoid this happening.

Additionally, a lack of comprehensive testing makes this problem come about. As per the building standards, there needs to be testing once work is done so as to show what extent it can stand after work has been completed. The purpose of this function is also to show areas that could be having problems and undertake to implement mechanisms that will prevent problems coming up.

Floods and earthquakes have also been a leading cause of this problem. Though a structure could be well built, these elements lead to their weakening and which in the long run cause their crumbling. They go deep into the foundations and make them too weak to hold any pressure, and once pressure is touched, there are chances that the outcome will be a crumbling.

Finally, the same problem has been identified as resulting from poor maintenance and repairs. The purpose of maintenance is to identify areas that are not working correctly or where lines of weaknesses have developed. This, if not repaired slowly develop and the structures cannot adequately sustain themselves leading to crumbling. It is during the sessions that an individual is able to outline sectors that are weak before they develop into complex cracks.

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