dimanche 5 août 2018

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Baltimore Stair Lift

By Amy Schmidt

Seniors tend to lose their mobility as they grow old making it hard to get up and down rooms in a house using the stairs. For that reason, one should purchase a stair lift to help them access top floors in a house effectively. One should consider a couple of factors to ensure that the access system works effectively and is worth the investment that one has made. The following are considerations to make when choosing a Baltimore stair lift.

Take note of the specification of the stairway. It is quite hard to choose the right elevator if you do not have an accurate measurement of your staircase. One is supposed to measure its width, the number of staircases and acknowledge its appearance. Stairways can either be curved or straight. Contact a professional if you find it hard to take the measurements.

Narrow down to the right installation firm. Various companies offer elevator installation services that you can choose. Choose a company which has established a good reputation in the market, has a wide range of chair varieties to consider and offers warranties for their products. Make a point of contacting a few of its former customer to get an insight into the level of services you expect from them.

Confirm whether you can use your health insurance to cover some expenses. Immobility in old people is classified as a health condition. Therefore, your health insurance should cater to some expenses made when acquiring a staircase elevator. Contact your agency to acknowledge the extent of the coverage that the insurance can go depending on the type of elevator you intend to purchase.

Purchase a refurbished elevator if you cannot manage to purchase a new one. New stair lifts are quite expensive to afford, but one can purchase a reconditioned one to cut down the costs. Even so, you should assess it to confirm whether it can offer excellent services depending on the repairs has been made to it. Its seller should provide a full warranty as an indication of its excellent condition.

Acknowledge the model of the chair bout to purchase. There are different types of stairways elevator chairs in the market. Start by checking whether it has the right weight capacity that can accommodate that of your senior. Also, it should have an armrest and foldable footplates. This is to allow enough space to maintain enough space when it is not in use.

Confirm whether the lift has reliable safety features. This machine can be quite dangerous if it does not have relevant safety features. You expect it to have features such as a safety belt, a break, and a footrest sensor. Do not acquire a device which is controlled using radio waves since they can be easily interfered from outside. Also, choose an elevator which can be powered by both batteries and electricity to guarantee its reliability during power blackouts.

Learn how to maintain the elevator in good condition. You must employ relevant maintenance measures if you want it to last long. The lift is designed to last long as long as its users follow the right procedure and repair simple damages. Lock the control when there are kids around your house to avoid having them play with it. Also, make sure that it is serviced on a regular basis by the firm you purchased it from.

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